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We care about you and your mobility.

The DKV world of mobility

Mobility is life. We humans are mobile by nature. We were born to keep going, to be always in motion. Imagine a world, where goods and people can’t move: life, as we know it, would stop. To keep the world turning, mobility needs continuous transformation. The entire sector is shouting for efficient and sustainable solutions. This is our business: to care for the ones who manage supply and demand - who literally keep everyday life for everyone going. The hauliers. The truck drivers. The professionals.

You Drive, We Care

The future of mobility is full of challenges. Our customers face enormous challenges because their environment is changing rapidly. Never has our promise “you drive, we care” been more meaningful. We are always in motion. It’s in our DNA and runs through our teams of highly dedicated people. For almost 90 years we have invented services and products to make mobility more efficient, seamless, and convenient. Today, our job is becoming more important than ever before. So, we bring our special strengths to bear in access, coverage, technology, finance and trust – to accelerate the way towards a better future. For the big players and the small companies. And by taking this road, we keep our planet green and turning.

Our business fields

At the core of our business is our unique asset-light transaction & payment platform, which is complemented by value-added solutions such as tax refund, fleet management, telematics, etc.


Always find a fuel or charging station.

Our DKV Mobility service cards are your entry ticket to Europe’s largest energy-agnostic acceptance network in Europe. Whether you have trucks, coaches, vans or company cars, a small, medium or large fleet – DKV Mobility can offer you the most suitable service cards for all your vehicle fuelling and charging needs. Numerous fuel stations and EV charge points ensure that you can always rely on us for everything.

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Cashless refueling and charging across Europe
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Finished accounting for tax office without collecting receipts
vehicle-related services
Many other vehicle-related services


Pay your tolls quickly and easily.

DKV Mobility is a leading toll service provider in Europe. We connect Europe. The task of billing tolls in many European countries is complex and needs to be done quickly. With the DKV BOX EUROPE, we make our customers' lives easier. With our continually growing network, you can drive through Europe and cross borders with just one on-board-unit. This saves time, money and makes your life easier.

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Order 13 European tolls conveniently online
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Access to extensive database with tariffs and guidelines
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Charge your toll at borders across Europe via just one on-board-unit

Mobility Solutions

Whether you need to find a parking place, change a tyre or obtain breakdown assistance: with our Vehicle Services we are your reliable partner to ensure your safety and security.

Moreover, we provide our customers with efficiency-improving digital solutions, by building a Customer Portal and App, further expanding our suite of value-added digital solutions (Telematics, TMS, Freight, Fleet Management) and pushing the roll-out of new payment technologies (remote and mobile payment), thus supporting logistics and fleet managers as well as drivers.

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Europe-wide emergency service in 45 countries
24/7 serviceline
Free 24/7 service line
DKV Servicepartner
Multiple DKV service partners

Financial Solutions

Secure your liquidity – with the leading VAT refund service provider

We handle many of your financial processes for you. Speed, security and cost transparency are the cornerstones of our support. One of our key services is obtaining the refund of VAT on goods and services purchased in EU countries other than your own. A rapid return flow of money can substantially improve your liquidity without additional hidden costs.

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Quick automated process for reimbursement
Dedicated contact at DKV with country-specific technical and language proficiency
Control over your liquidity
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Instant recognition of bills by majority of the European fiscal authorities