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Our ambition is to LEAD IN GREEN: We want to lead decisively in matters of sustainability in our industry and actively promote the transition to a carbon neutral mobility and transport sector.

DKV Mobility has set two short and medium-term climate goals:

  • With regard to our own climate balance by 2023, we want to become a climate positive company by removing more CO₂ from the atmosphere than we emit.

  • By 2030, we want to support our customers in reducing the carbon intensity of their vehicle fleets by 30 % as compared with 2019.

In addition to managing our own carbon balance, we focus on attractive services for our customers. We support them in an effortless switch to low-carbon fuels and electromobility. And with our digital applications, we enable them to drive more efficiently and environmentally. In doing so we also contribute to the ambitious climate goals set by the European Union and the United Nations – for a sustainable future of mobility and transport.

„The “Green Pledge” is the focal point of our LEAD IN GREEN strategy. Our pledge promotes innovation and creativity in the company, generates commitment and reminds us every day not to lose sight of the overarching goal – climate protection.”
– Marco van Kalleveen, CEO DKV Mobility

Find out below how we are putting LEAD IN GREEN and our “Green Pledge” into action.

Sustainable Products & Services

As an important component of our LEAD IN GREEN ambition, we are looking for ways to support our customers on their way to tomorrow's mobility.

The transformation to sustainable mobility and logistics is the biggest task that our industry has ever faced. You need a clear strategy and a strong partner who implements this together with you. “We Care” stands for exactly this partnership. Together we will define the right mix for you and together we will support you in a sustainable future.

Our portfolio is based on four pillars:

With more than 200,000 public charging points, we offer one of the largest charging networks in Europe. Learn more here about E-mobility.

Alternative fuels:
Here we already have the largest independent network and are experiencing a large increase in sales, especially in the natural gas sector (LNG / CNG). Learn more here about alternative fuels.

Digital services:
With DKV LIVE, we have launched our first telematics solution on the market, which enables CO₂-optimized driving through route optimization and other driver assistance systems and helps to avoid empty runs. Learn more here about digital services.

Through the DKV Card CLIMATE, our customers can actively contribute to climate protection and compensate for the emissions caused by the consumption of fuel when driving (also known as tank-to-wheel) in certified climate protection projects with DKV Mobility and myclimate. Currently, three high-quality climate protection projects get supported. All projects have been certified according to the internationally recognised Gold Standard. Regular controls ensure that the projects actually do reduce carbon emissions and that they really are certified. Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, these projects also demonstrably make a positive contribution to sustainable development. They help create jobs, improve the general living conditions of people at their respective locations and protect biodiversity. These additional effects also count towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Detailed progress reports for the year 2021 for the three projects can be accessed here.
Learn more here about our DKV Card CLIMATE.


We can only credibly claim to LEAD IN GREEN if we lead by setting a good example. With our “Green Pledge” we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of becoming a climate positive company by the end of 2023. Sustainability starts on our own doorstep. Our goal is to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our day-to-day business processes. Wherever this is not possible, we instead compensate for our emissions.

We have already made many advances in the last few years. For example, our company headquarters in Ratingen (DE), where more than one-third of our employees work, is already carbon neutral. We would like to continue this progress and carry it over to our other office locations in Europe.

Specific information on our progress in the "Environmental" field of action can be found in our Sustainability Report.

One of the measures to achieve these goals is to ensure that an Environmental Management System (EMS) is implemented at the headquarters in Ratingen (Germany). Within the EMS it is ensured that we act sustainably, protect the environment and look ahead in terms of climate action. We aim at systematically and continually optimising our environmental performance.

PDF Downloads:

DKV Environmental Policy

ISO 14001 certificate


Successful entrepreneurship and sociopolitical responsibility are inextricably linked. Social commitment has always been part of DKV Mobility's identity. This is another reason why we have committed ourselves to the guidelines of the UN Global Compact.

An overview of our social commitment in 2020 can be found hier.

Associations, non-profit limited liability companies, social initiatives, they all form the pillars of our community of solidarity. We would like to say thank you for this and give a small part back with our products, with financial resources and with helping hands.

For non-profit customers in Germany, we now offer the DKV Card NGO, a subsidized fuel card product.

  • free of charge
  • CO₂ neutral - we pay the compensation
  • one card for all services

In principle, only organizations that operate as a tax-privileged corporation or association, on a non-profit basis on a voluntary basis or work for the benefit of the general public are eligible.

Get eligibility criteria and apply now!

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icone free of charge

free of charge

icon co2

CO₂ neutral - we pay the compensation

icon card

one card for all services

Corporate Governance

Transparency along our supply chains for indirect requirements is an essential criteria in order to live up to our vision of ecological and social responsibility. We conduct systematic risk and information security management processes that enable us to detect any challenges which the company might be faced with in a timely fashion and prevent them from causing any damage. Our countermeasures are developed on the basis of thorough analyses of any possible risks. The Group Compliance Office ensures that the legal requirements are adhered to as much as DKV Mobility’s ethical principles.

To assess our sustainability performance, we undergo the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating annually. EcoVadis is one of the world's leading sustainability platforms for companies. This involves assessments of the corporate sustainability performance in the areas of environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. DKV Mobility was most recently awarded a gold medal.

Find here the DKV Mobility Code of Conduct for suppliers and service providers via PDF Download.

Initiatives and associations of which we are part

DKV Mobility works with the following renowned organisations in its activities related to sustainability:

Logo United Nations Global Compact

The largest and most important initiative for responsible

corporate governance worldwide

Detailed information can be found here.

Logo eFuel Alliance

Campaigns for the promotion of the global production and application of eFuels in various sectors.

Detailed information can be found here.

Logo Hydrogen Europe

Represents more than 20 national associations and over 180 member companies in its capacity as the European umbrella association of hydrogen processing companies.

Detailed information can be found here.

Public Affairs Policy

Promoting transparency around Public Affairs is an integral part of corporate governance at DMG. This key principle underpins how we conduct our Public Affairs activities on a daily basis, in cooperation with industry peers, partners and policymakers.

All Public Affairs activities at DMG are governed by the guidelines set forth below and carried out in full accordance with the company’s commitment to responsible and sustainable business, in keeping with our purpose: to drive the transition towards an efficient and sustainable future of mobility.

Do you have questions concerning the topic Sustainability at DKV Mobility?

Department Sustainability, New Mobility & Public Affairs?
E-Mail: sustainability@dkv-mobility.com

DKV Mobility Sustainability Report

One of our guiding principles, and the title of the Sustainability Report 2020 is LEAD IN GREEN. Above all, this includes our promise to be at the forefront of driving positive change towards a more sustainable future of mobility in Europe. We hope you will enjoy reading this Sustainability Report, which sets out how we plan to make that commitment a reality.

Sustainability Report 2020
GRI Content Index
ESG+C Factsheet
Sustainability Report 2019