Lead in Green

Our mission

We proactively promote the transition towards a carbon-neutral mobility and road transport industry.

Sustainability management starts with everyday business. Our goal is to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations. Where decarbonization is not yet possible, we compensate unavoidable emissions.

As a service organization, DKV’s corporate carbon footprint is rather small. As an integral part of our Lead in Green ambition we are also looking for ways to help our customers paving the way towards a more sustainable mobility future.

Our Lead in Green Approach

We are supporting our customers in reducing their on-road carbon footprints with innovative products and services:

1. Offering more low carbon products by expanding our supply network for alternative fuels such as LNG, LPG, CNG and hydrogen and enabling our customers with our DKV CARD CLIMATE to fully offset their on-road CO₂ emissions.

2. Further expanding our electric mobility solutions for fleet customers by providing the largest E-Mobility @road network and @home / @work charging solutions as well as convenient charging frontend solutions.

3. Developing smart green digital applications to promote environmentally conscious driving and to increase truck load utilization.

With our "Lead in Green" mission, we are pursuing two specific and important goals:

  • By focusing on our own carbon footprint, we want to become a climate-positive company by 2023 by removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than we are emitting.
  • By 2030, we aim to support our customers in reducing the CO2 intensity of their fleets by 30 percent compared to 2019!

We have a long way to go with a lot of work ahead of us. But we have the first intermediate stages already achieved:

  • A climate-neutral company headquarters.
  • Access to one of the largest charging networks for electric vehicles
  • Access to the largest LNG network in Europe
  • CO2 compensation for more than 30 million liters of fuel via our Climate Card in 2020.

In addition to our own CO2 neutrality, we focus on attractive services for our customers. We support them in an effortless switch to low-carbon fuels and Electromobility. And with our digital applications, we enable them to drive more efficiently and environmentally. We still have a lot of work to do to achieve these goals. However, we firmly believe that it is worth it. And that it is exactly the right claim. Now is the time to get to work.

Low Carbon Products

Alternative Fuels and DKV Card Climate

We are providing our customer access to 19.500 stations for alternative fuels, such as LPG and CNG and 230 additional LNG stations. For LNG we have the largest acceptance network in Europe. Liquefied natural gas produces 28 % less CO₂ emissions than conventional fuels. Many countries therefore offer tax advantages to transport companies using LNG.

To compensate unavoidable CO₂-emissions is a simple and fast convertible way to become climaticneutrally and more lastingly economical. But how can you implement this for yourself? We will be happy to help you and give you the opportunity to offset your transport-related emissions and thus take a first, but essential step towards sustainability.

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Compensation of transport-related emissions, Gold Standard compensation projects.


Calculation of the CO₂ output.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantages through improved CO2 balance.


Charge everywhere

The route to achieving sustainable and climate-neutral mobility is intimately linked with the expansion of electro-mobility. However, we are increasingly aware that our customers are faced with questions and challenges: Where do I start? Are there enough charging stations? Is it economically worthwhile in the first place? We can work together with you on the answers to all these questions. We guide you through your initial implementation and can offer you products today that can secure a crucial advantage for you in the future.


You and your employees can charge electric vehicles at home via a dedicated charging station - even outside working hours.


Use cost-effective commercial electricity to charge electric vehicles during working hours.

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Green Digital Solutions

With our new digital product DKV LIVE we are going to help our customers to optimize their tour routing – resulting in savings of time, cost and CO₂. We are also working on solutions to improve the driving behavior of trucks drivers and to increase the truck load utilization.

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Make your fleet management more efficient through optimized tour planning.

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Save costs through optimized gas station search and trip planning.

The new DKV Sustainability Report

One of our guiding principles, and the title of this year’s Sustainability Report is LEAD IN GREEN. Above all, this includes our promise to be at the forefront of driving positive change towards a more sustainable future of mobility in Europe. We hope you will enjoy reading this Sustainability Report, which sets out how we plan to make that commitment a reality.

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